Strayer's Chronicle Japanese Movie

I had no idea this release was taking place next year. I didn’t even know they were considering screening this really attractive story called Strayer’s Chronicle. Trailer feels to me a little rushed since we are almost a year away from its release. But that doesn’t prevent us from sharing it and waiting for the date impatiently.

If you enjoy reading Japanese novels, then you might know this story. Specially if you like science fiction ones. Also, if you enjoy psychological thrillers. It has a mixture of it all and it gathers three great young actors for the main roles.

Strayer's Chronicle

Synopsis of Strayer’s Chronicle Japanese Movie

Experiments happening in the early 90’s in Japan, pushed beyond the limits of the inimaginable and scientists are using humans as their test subjects. They divided them into two groups to apply different techniques.

The first method is to inflict stress to expecting parents and then provoke mutations to the babies to develop special abilities. The second, is to give babies animal and insect abilities through DNA manipulation.

Koichiro Watase is the senior Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and wants a career into politics. Subaru and Saya, two of these born experiments, work for him and help in strange cases he needs to solve. Subaru has strength and vision abilities, and Saya has special hearing abilities.

They both will be in charge of solving the case of a politician’s runaway daughter who has a secret file in her hands. Together with a group of special abilities people will become involved with the slaughter group Ageha, led by Manabu.

Strayer's Chronicle Japanese Movie

Starring in Strayer’s Chronicle Japanese Movie

  • Masaki Okada (Mirai Nikki, The Apology King, Mindset).
  • Shota Sometani (Bakuman, XXXHOLiC, Starwberry Night).
  • Riko Narumi (Why Don’t You Play in Hell?, 1 Litre of Tears, Don Quixote).
  • Tsuyoshi Ihara (Thirteen Assassins, The Taste of Fish, Cold Cases).

Also starring in Strayer’s Chronicle Japanese Movie: Mayu Matsuoka, Yuina Kuroshima, Sara Takatsuki, Shunya Shiraishi, Hiroya Shimizu, Toshiki Seto, Shuntaro Yanagi, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Kosuke Toyohara & Renji Ishibashi.

It’s not the first time we get to watch a special powers people movie. There are too many exponents of this all over the world. But the fact that it’s mixed with a highly psychological side path might give this story an interesting twist.

This production will be released next year. So, basically we will have to wait a lot before being able to watch it. In the meantime, here’s the trailer!

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