The Con Artists Korean Movie

There are awesome movies about heists like The Grand Heist or The Thieves. There are others like Ocean’s Eleven which I rather forget (specially the second one). The good thing about this genre is that all the planning and plot strategies need to center themselves into the robbery plans. This means that they need specific qualifications from characters. Also matching personalities or contrasting points, that are usually the focal points of this type of stories. Let’s get to know The Con Artists, the next Lotte bet.

In this case we get to watch a great cast gathered among what it seems is going to be one of the next great thriller movies. Although synopsis does not explain the plot at all. On the really good side, director, Kim Hong Sun also wrote and directed The Traffickers, which was a highly recommended film if you like thriller and crime movies.

The Con Artists Korean Movie


South Korea’s best safe-cracker, Ji Hyuk, enjoys his life stealing luxury goods like antiques or jewelry. For his next job he won’t work alone. Partnering with Jong Bae a genius hacker and other technicians, the idea is to steal 10.5 billon Won that have been confiscated by the Incheon Airport Customs.

To make things better they only have forty minutes to finish the job without getting caught. Will they make it?

Starring The Con Artists Korean Movie

  • Kim Woo Bin (The Heirs, School 2013, Friend 2).
  • Lee Hyun Woo (Secretly Greatly, To The Beautiful You, Master of Study).
  • Jo Yoon Hee (Traffickers, The King’s Face, Lie To Me).
  • Kim Young Chul (A Bittersweet Life, Beyond The Clouds, Nice Guy).

Also starring in The Con Artists Korean Movie: Ko Chang Seok, Jo Dal Hwan, Shin Goo, Lim Ju Hwan & Jeong Man Sik.

I get a little scared when there are popular young stars all gathered together in movies, just because of the Secretly Greatly fraud. I might say again, that was one of the few really bad Asian movies I’ve seen. But I trust Kim Woo Bin with his roles choices, so maybe we’re lucky and that’s not the case. We can’t say anything until we finally see it, so in the meantime let’s enjoy the trailer! 😀

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