Tazza 2 2014

Tazza 2 trailer is one of the most expected. And also one of the most awaited movies of the year (I might say last two years since the interest started growing really early). This film is also known as The High Rollers 2, and it’s the second part and third production related to this bunch of Go players.

The first, directed by Choi Dong Hun, Tazza aired back in 2006, based on a comic about the gambling subculture and its unique environment. With great success fans got a drama version two years later with a great cast and directed by Kang Shin Hyo.

After all that, and with the particular feeling that people get from the characters and the underground world setting itself, six years later we will be able to enjoy the second edition of the movie. This time, directors switch again, Kang Hyung Chul will be in charge of what will probably another great work from him. I’m a big fan of both his movies Sunny and Scandal Makers (highly recommended comedies).

Synopsis of Tazza 2

Ham Dae Gil is a young man that will try to enter the difficult gambling world of Go, he will meet all kinds of players and audience will too. In an underworld with its own rules, how will Go Ni’s nephew be received?

Starring Tazza 2 Korean Movie 2014

There is not much information about the storyline, since they all productions portrait the same initial storyline, it’s a gambling world with bets and fights, and all that comes with it. I used to think that I wouldn’t like to watch anything that had to do with cards games but everything changed after I watched Chihayafuru (highly recommended anime).

This movie will be aired by September this year, just like the one released in 2006, we will probably have a mixture of genres played by an awesome cast. Here’s the trailer!

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