Finding True Love 2014

Shinhwa’s fans will be delighted to know that Eric Moon is back to dramas. In my case, I really enjoy his work. So I will also be enjoying this new romantic comedy called Finding True love. This production has not only the comeback of this great actor and performer, he will also be in really good company.

The drama will be also known as “Discovery of Love” and will air after Trot Lovers finishes this week and is the previous show that will prepare us for the highly expected Nodame Cantabile in its Korean version.

All the actors are experts in romance and go from the really simple ones to the most complex and difficult parts, including drama or hilarious bits, so we will probably be in front of a good chemistry among them all.

Finding True Love 2014


The successful designer, Han Yeo Reum is happy with her life, she has two friends that have been with her since childhood and they all live together, and a lovely boyfriend with whom she’s been going out for three years.

Everything was going just fine for her until her long term ex boyfriend appears back in her life. They are both designers so they will be working together on a project just to find out the old feelings start blooming again. On the other hand, Nam Ha Jin, Yeo Reum’s boyfriend, will have to struggle with a love confession from his childhood friend.

A love square that might turn even bigger if everyone decides to confess what they are really feeling, will they all be able to find true love behind all this entangled situations?

Starring Finding True Love Korean Drama

Now that I found out that Kim Seul Ki will also be among the cast, I can’t miss it! It will probably be funny and entertaining with a little bit of spice! As usual, here’s the trailer! 😀

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