The Greatest Marriage Korean Drama

Although this drama has already started this week, I did not want you to miss out the opportunity to access the The Greatest Marriage trailer before taking the decision of watching it. I have not had many experiences with this particular broadcaster (CSTV). The only drama that I did see, was Bride of the Century which I rather forget I did. So I probably will wait on this one to even start watching it. Specially because of the female lead, which had made me leave some dramas behind and always portraits the same despicable characters.

On the other hand I am a big fan of No Min Woo’s overall works. He tends to pick nice roles, so maybe it will be worth the time to watch it. Anyways, starting point in story is not even close to my interests whatsoever, and that is mainly the reason I rather wait for some reviews on episodes and such.

The Greatest Marriage Korean Drama

Synopsis of The Greatest Marriage

This drama tells the story about four different couples in similar stances of their relationships. Some of them are married, others are dating. They somewhat relate to a woman that will try her best to become a single mother by herself. We will see all the social prejudice that comes with it.

Starring The Greatest Marriage Korean Drama

Also starring in The Greatest Marriage Korean Drama: Jung Ae Youn, Song Young Kyu, Park Hye Jin, Jo Eun Ji, Chang Ki Yong, Lee Jeong Kil, Yoon Mi Ra, Heo Joon Seok & Sojin.

If we get dragged by the trailer, it will probably a funny story to watch. It all depends on how we approach it and even tho it starts out fun, it might have some dramatic turnovers through episodes. If you haven’t started to watch it, well maybe the trailer will make you decide. Here it is!

The Greatest Marriage Trailer

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