Broken Korean Movie

Also known as The Hovering Blade. Broken is a thriller that brings a little more to the table than the typical crime drama movie. Specially since we are going to witness desperation from the very first minute of the story.

First of all, Jung Jae Young has been making so many movies that I find myself behind them. Whenever I get to watch one of them, another one is released and so on. What amazes me the most about him is his ability to portrait completely oposite characters without referring us for even a second to a previous role. That is something that very few actors in the world can achieve and I am a huge fan of him because of that.

On the other hand, he tends to pick extremely good scripts. So, basiaclly he is quality warranty and this movie is not an exception.

Broken Korean Movie

Synopsis of Broken

A girl is kidnapped and murdered when she was walking home from school. Her father works hard to raise her by himself and bring food to the table. He spends his nights doing nightshifts and sometimes he is not present when his daughter needs him.

When this horrible incident happens to her, he will blame himself for it. He starts looking for answers from justice and investigators that they can’t give. In the end, without any consolation, he starts thinking of taking the matter in his own hands.

Partly because of these urging guilt he’s feeling and mainly because of revenge. He will start chasing the culprits before the police does. Will he turn himself into a murderer? Will he be able to find any consolation? Is he even looking for it?

Starring Broken Korean Movie

Jung Jae Young (11:00 AM, King’s Wrath, The Plan Man) is Lee Sang Hyun, Soo Jin’s father and the one who’s world will crumble when he finds out he could have saved his daughter if he’d only hadn’t been working so much. In one extent he was trying to make his daughter’s life easier by supporting her economically but then, she was left alone in the end, and that will trigger his revenge.

Lee Sung Min (Miss Korea, My Little Hero, Misaeng) is Detective Jang Eok Gwan, the one behind this series of happenings that involve serial rapping cases, Soo Jin’s murder. He will feel like justice is useless in this cases but he needs to do his job the best way he can, believing in the law that he professes instead of feeding revenge feelings from the victim’s families.

Seo Jun Young (Unemployed Romance, To The Beautiful You, Bleak Night) is Detective Park Hyun Soo, unlike Eok Gwan, he is much younger and doesn’t have his experience in these horrifying cases, so in his mind, he will understand Soo Jin’s father reaction although he also needs to protect the criminals.

Also starring in Broken Korean Movie: Lee Soo Bin, Lee Joo Seung, Choi Sang Wook & Kim Ji Hyuk, among many others.

This is a great thriller which won’t try to please us even for a second. Unfairness, injustice and the reality involving drugs, youth and unsolved situations, and that’s why the use of rehab services when you click here from sites like can be useful for this. Situations that need extreme care from elders that seem blind and deaf to them. A desperate run from a father that feels it is his fault his daughter is dead. Trying to redeem himself to get the girl’s forgiveness. Another of Jung Jae Young’s great tough roles.

Sad, hard to watch, and a must if you like strong stories with good performances and debating situations.

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