ZERO - 2014

Well…Yes! We got girls, we got old school uniforms, we got a forest, fog, water and a mystery. Everything is set on the table to enjoy what will probably be a great horror experience. I have been waiting for a thrilling release for a long time. Although I have not seen all new movies yet since we Asian movie fans need to wait a long time before being able to see them. Still last horror films were not as good as I expected.

Starting point might be a little cliché. It reminds me to Whispering Corridors (any of them), but I do not know why I still want to see this movie.

ZERO - 2014


Aya attends to an all girls high school in an isolated mountain village. After she has a vision of herself dying she is so shocked that can’t leave her room. In the meantime, the rest of the students start seeing the ghost of a girl that walks around the dormitory. With this incident, the girls start disappearing. Later on, they will realize that all the students that have disappeared had seen a picture of the ghost that looked too similar to Aya.

Michi is Aya’s schoolmate, her friend, Kasumi disappears right in front of her and she starts blaming Aya for the loses, she will push Aya out of her room at any costs, but Kasumi’s body will be found.

Starring ZERO Japanese Movie 2014

  • Ayami Nakajo (Summer Nude, Miss Double Faced Teacher).
  • Aoi Morikawa (The World of Kanako, Keiji no Manazashi, Kamisama no Boto).

Fujiko Kojima, Karen Miyama, Kasumi Yamaya, Minori Hagiwara, Yuri Nakamura, Koudai Asaka, Noriko Nakagoshi & Jun Miho.

The ambience is promising, and so are the images we get from it, let’s hope for a great experience in this new release. In the meantime, here’s the trailer!

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