Feast of the Gods 2012

I haven’t seen many long stories, because I think they need to be worth the time I spend watching them. Whenever I find they circle around the same tricks to go back and forth on the same situations (A Hundred Year’s Inheritance *cough cough*). I start feeling that maybe I should abandon them. But in the end, since I love analyzing them, the need of finishing them it’s sometimes worth the time.

This script is one of those that could have been great if it was shorter. With so many explanations needed, they spent nearly 18 episodes evolving around a spoiled girl that knew too much to be so low.

What I mean is that her ill manners could have been solved by a counselor. Her life wasn’t as hard as everyone else’s around her. Just because she was competitive she decided to sulk her own poison and spread the hate. I tend not to like characters where their evilness is nothing but a decision.

Now that I said that, from the 18th episode up, the story just kept getting stronger and more interesting, that usually happens when the main lead takes the strings of her life and stops being dumb.

On the other hand traditional Korean food on this drama is a marvel to the eye. To the point that you would love to be able to just grab it from your screen. Too bad we can’t T_T

Feast of the Gods 2012

Synopsis of Feast of the Gods

A doctor and a traditional Korean food Master Chef have a lovely daughter called In Joo. They are going through some rough times and they take a trip to the sea. When the mother finds out about his husband’s affair, she attempts suicide. When she was lying in her bed with her wrists cut open, the little girl sees her and runs scared.

On the same ship there was also a night club dancer with her daughter. She was suffering from a terminal disease, and got extremely drunk, enough to try to commit suicide on this ship’s cover. When she was about to jump she sees a little girl calling for her mother about to fall off the boat. Thinking she was her child she jumped to the sea to save her and they both disappeared.

The girl that was lost was In Joo, but her real mother found the dancer’s daughter instead, whenever she saw her she forgot In Joo’s face, and assured that this little girl was the one that she gave birth to. After some investigation on his husband part, he decided to let his wife be happy with this girl that lost her mother too.

Later on…

The story will evolve around the famous and traditional Korean food restaurant, Arirang. Its Master Chef is In Joo’s mother, Sung Do Hee, elected after she had a competition with her all time rival Baek Seol Hee. Who lost a child when this event was taking place, and blames Do Hee for it.

In the meantime, In Joo, takes the daughter’s place and learns how to prepare all those delicious and eye appealing food. While the real girl was saved by a man that decided to take care of her (in his own ways), and grows up loving cooking but learning by herself.

Everyone will gather at this feast that won’t leave anyone feelings alone. Revenge, fate, anger and just plain evilness, will be served at a table. It might seem too long at first but after you go through all the long introduction, you won’t regret watching it.

Starring Feast of the Gods Korean Drama

Sung Yu Ri

Runway Cop, A Boy’s Sister, Birth Secret

Is Go Joon Young, the real In Joo that jumped to the sea when she was little and now she doesn’t remember anything about her parents. She was raised by a poor family but instead of feeling sorry for herself, she tries to help her troubled father. Cheerful and with a strong passion for cooking, she will try to find her own way doing what she loves until she starts unraveling her past. Another lovely part from Yu Ri who is a master at winning people’s hearts.

Joo Sang Wook

Cunning Single Lady, Good Doctor, Days of Wrath

Is the silly Choi Jae Ha, In Joo’s best friend since they were very little. He’s caring and a little spoiled, but does anything for his beloved In Joo, although he couldn’t tell the difference between the girls when they were young because he traveled abroad several years. It was strange to see him playing dumb and caring, a lovely character from this talented actor.

Lee Sang Woo

One Warm Word, Goddess of Marriage, Horse Doctor

Is Kim Do Yoon, a maknae at Arirang that will meet Joon Young from the very beginning, he has a hard story behind him and will find in her not only a good friend but the need of protecting someone but himself. He’s childish and spoiled, and he’s always playing around, that’s the reasong Joon Young doesn’t take him seriously but slowly they will learn that they have more similarities than they thought. Another great part from him, although I would have hidden his secret a little more carefully so it didn’t feel silly. You will understand what I mean when you watch it.

Seo Hyun Jin

The Three Musketeers, Here Comes Oh Ja Ryong, The Duo

Is In Joo, the daughter of a night club dancer that came to Arirang to take the real In Joo’s place, since Master Chef thought she was her real daughter and raised like that was true. She learnt to cook just as her mother trained her to do and kept a serious relationship with her substitute father since they both knew the truth. I did not like her performance at all, she had fish faces everywhere and was all the could do apparently. I’ve seen more believable evil somewhere else, but I don’t think it’s her fault but director’s.

Jeon In Hwa

A Hundred Year’s Inheritance, Baker King Kim Tak Goo, King and I

Is Sung Do Hee, Arirang’s Master Chef with a strong outer appearance but a truly weak emotional strength. She will lose her memory when her daughter disappears and raise another girl in her place while training her to be the next Master Chef. It was a great performance from this artist that should have more parts in dramas!

Kim Bo Yeon

Pretty Man, Working Girl, Princess Aurora

Is Director Baek Seol Hee, a sick woman that turned into a revenge machine after losing one of her sons while trying to achieve the Master Chef’s title in a competition against Do Hee. She’s now back to take Arirang down. She played a troubled woman, but I think it was too much of it at some points. She’s usually excellent so I won’t say anything else.

Jung Hye Sun

Temptation, Only Love, A Tale of Two Sisters

The lovely grandma Sun. She will be one of the heads of Arirang and try to bring it back to its initial glory. She is the one that will find the real In Joo without knowing who she is. Bringing her to this place full of fateful connections among people.

I can’t say I didn’t like this drama at all. It has its bits of entertainment and great performances. But in the end it feels that there are some things that wouldn’t be best to be left out. Maybe performed in another way to impact a little more. Anyways, if you’re a fan of any of the actors you will enjoy it, specially from the 18th episode and up.

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