Pretty Man Original Soundtrack

Pretty Man 2013

Don’t you love when leads sing their own OST, well right here we had three opportunities to listen to them and we did! All three have wonderful voices and really different styles but they manage to match the drama ambience with the songs.

Pretty Man OST

As yesterday I made the review about this lovely drama, and right now I give you the list with the main titles of the OST. To keep them, or just go through them in a couple of years and revive the feelings. I like almost all the songs here but I’ll pick the ones I love the most.

My Picks to remember: “I’m Saying I Love You” by Lee Jang Woo & “Only A Day” by Jung Joon Young.

Pretty Boy OST List

  1. Beautiful Man by Bebop
  2. Lovely Girl by 5live
  3. I Have a Person that I Love by Melody Day
  4. Poor Sense of Direction by Lunafly
  5. Fever by Hwan Hee
  6. Perfect by Dear Cloud
  7. Going to You by LEDApple
  8. Though I Say I Love You by Seo Ji Ahn
  9. I’m Saying I Love You by Lee Jang Woo
  10. Pastel Crayon by IU
  11. Only a Day by Jung Joon Young
  12. Beautiful Day by Jang Geun Suk

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