Plan Man - 2013 - Korean Movie Trailer

You might wanna know that I’m a huge fan of Jeong Jae Yeong comedies. It might be because of his unique way of acting or the exquisite script decisions he makes. I enjoy action or thrillers from him too, but I think that his comedies are just plain awesome. Before the launch of his next movie, we get a preview with Plan Man trailer.

Having said that and recommending “Going By The Book” or “Castaway On The Moon” among other interesting titles. I’ll leave you with his upcoming movie trailer. It has this great corky feeling in which once we’re immerced (or dragged in), we just can’t avoid laughing.

Plan Man trailer - 2013

Starring in Plan Man trailer (ํ”Œ๋žœ๋งจ) – 2013

Enough words…check the trailer!

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