Our Family 2014 Movie Trailer

I tend to scape movies and dramas that portrait illness, just because I think in some cases they’re too painful, what invites me to watch this one is (like the korean movie Sunny did) that the storyline seems to go from irreversible tragedy to another place and not the other way around.

Reiko was diagnosed with a brain tumor having a really short time left to live. In that moment she needs to get things straight in her family so she can actually rest in peace. The thing is that in the second she gets diagnosed, she starts speaking for herself without any filter, saying what comes to her mind.

Our Family 2014

Her husband and her two sons just take it as if nothing happens. Maybe her change of attitude will bring them to their senses.

It’s one of those movies that will probably make us cry a lot and curse to her family, but since it’s inspired in a novel (Bokutachi no Kazoku by Kazumasa Hayami) it surely makes sense in the end. Or not! Who cares! it’s a movie! =D

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