Plan Man – 2013 Korean Movie Trailer

Plan Man - 2013

You might wanna know that I’m a huge fan of Jeong Jae Yeong comedies, just because his unique way of acting or the exquisite script decisions he makes. I enjoy action or thriller from him too, but I think that comedies are just plain awesome.

Having said that and recommending “Going By The Book” or “Castaway On The Moon” among other interesting titles, I leave here his upcoming movie trailer, that of course, has this great corky feeling in which once we’re immerced (or dragged in), we just can’t avoid laughing.

Plan Man - 2013

Starring in Plan Man (플랜맨) – 2013: Jeong Jae Yeong, Han Ji Min, Jang Gwang, Kim Ji Young, Cha Ye Ryeon & Joo Jin Mo I.

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