Princess Jellyfish Japanese Movie Trailer 2014

I kinda love it when my favorite animes come to life through live action movies or dramas. I think if you enjoy watching movies, anime and dramas in your free time, there is nothing like a cartoon character becoming real in front of our eyes. Of course there are times that we think the story should have been kept drawn, but they are the least.

There is a fantastic charm when it comes to transitions and I think Kuragehime’s story will be one of those, although the animated release was left inconclusive, or at least not completely closed as we wish, it has earned lots of fans that continue reading the manga version of it.

Princess Jellyfish Japanese Movie


Strange girl Tsukimi has been obsessed over jellyfishes her entire life, to the point that she loses her mind when she sees them and begins to dream. She became an illustrator and moved to Tokyo to find a job where she would express her love for jellyfish and drawings.

When she arrives, the moves in the communal apartment called Amaizu Kan where man are forbidden only otaku women are allowed, just because they think men are not needed at all. Tsukimi is an expert in causing trouble, and there was one time that she makes a mess in a tropical fish shop where a pretty woman, Kuranosuke helps her.

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This pretty woman is actually a male university student, who enjoys dressing like a woman because he loves beautiful things and doesn’t want to become a politician like his father. This excentric character will enter Tsukimi’s life and her neighbors to help them open towards life and discover themselves as women and professional, embracing their real selves as well.

Starring Princess Jellyfish Japanese Movie

  • Rena Nounen (Amachan, The Locked Room Murders, Summer Rescue).
  • Masaki Suda (Shinigami Kun, Summer Rescue, The Boy Inside).
  • Hiroki Hasegawa (Attack on Titan, Why Don’t You Play In Hell, MOZU).
  • Chizuru Ikewaki (Grave of The Fireflies, Beyond the Memories, The Devil’s Path).
  • Rina Ohta (All About My Destiny, Long Goodbye, Brain Man).
  • Tomoe Shinohara (Floating like the Plastic Cover, Secret, Toast to Love).
  • Azusa Babazono (Gochisosan).

Also starring in Princess Jellyfish Japanese Movie: Nana Katase, Mokomichi Hayami, Sei Hiraizumi, Tomoya Nakamura & Kenta Uchino.

I get the best feelings from the trailer, since characters seem to be exactly as they were drawn back in 2010 and the story has a charismatic bunch. If you haven’t yet watched the anime, you should, it’s totally fun! If not, you can wait for this production to air, while watching the trailer:

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