Cain & Abel Korean Drama

Ah, I really curse the minute I became So Ji Sub’s fan. Apparently writers love to make him suffer, punch him and kill him in every production he appears. Maybe it’s his natural theatrical work that places him into similar roles. But I thought this time was going to be different. In the beginning his Cain & Abel role is far away from the dying type. I’m obviously wrong.

He portraits a doctor that has nothing to do with guerrilla, persecutions, ambition and kidnapping. Those are all the ingredients mixed up in this drama.

Even tho I knew I was going to suffer and I ended up crying half of it, I enjoyed every moment. The script is great and it’s really well narrated. So well that the twenty episodes will fly away without even noticing. Maybe it is a little draggy in the beginning. But that’s the way it has to be in order for us to get every detail right.

Cain & Abel Korean Drama

Synopsis of Cain & Abel

A drama that tells the story of a family confrontation. Dr. Lee Cho In is a great doctor who’s being tramped by his own brother and his mother. He doesn’t know anything about it, so it will be a big surprise. Both plan to hire someone to kill him. That’s how he will end up kidnapped and almost killed in the middle of the desert.

Dr. Lee Seon Woo thinks Cho In has taken away everything he had. His career and the woman he loves, so he makes plans to make him disappear.

The once cheerful and kind Cho In will become a resentful man. Drawn in sadness because of all this situation and the fact that he can’t consider anyone as family. He will meet the lovely Oh Young Ji, a North Korean refugee. She will be his tourist guide in China and will meet again because of their ill fate.

Starring in Cain & Abel Korean Drama

So Ji Sub

Ghost, A Company Man, The Master’s Sun

Is Lee Cho In, a good doctor that lives for his job and his beloved family. He doesn’t know about the grudge growing up in his family towards him, and will never suspect that his own blood will try to kill him in the worst possible way. Another great part from this amazing actor.

Shin Hyun Joon

Ohlala Couple, Marrying the Mafia, Kiss Me Kill Me

Is Lee Seon Woo, Cho In’s older brother and the one that got heartbroken when he found out the woman he loved was going out with him. He will never forgive nor forget and far from that he will try to make him disappear. One of the most versatile Korean actors in a despicable and really well performed part.

Han Ji Min

Rooftop Prince, The King’s Wrath, Plan Man

Is Oh Young Ji, a young naive North Korean refugee that is working as a tourist guide in China when she’s hired by Seon Woo to follow and hold Cho In around, making the kidnapping easier to perform. She will have no idea about this, and later on they will find out their lives will become more entangled. I love her, she’s perfect for the part…always! xD

Kim Hae Sook

Hotel King, Marriage not Dating, Tough as Iron

Is Na Hye Joo, Seon Woo and Cho In’s mother, and the one in charge of all the dirty tricks. She’s the coldest human being on Planet Earth, and only thinks about her own benefit, revenge and of course, Seon Woo, her favorite son. There is no part this woman cannot play, amazing as always, and believe me you will hate her with all your will.

Chae Jung Ahn

A new leaf, Prime Minister and I, Hello Schoolgirl

Is Kim Seo Yeon, the woman that will be between the love of this two brothers. She’s usually really effective in her parts, but over here, there is so much going on that even tho Seo Yeon is important to the story, it won’t be the most memorable character from her.

Also starring in Cain & Abel Korean Drama

Ha You Mi, Jang Yong, Kwon Hae Hyo, Ahn Nae Sang, Yun Ki Won, Baek Seung Hyeon, Han Da Min, Park Sung Woong & Choi Jae Hwan, among many others.

I wouldn’t like so spoil everything that happens in the beginning because it’s a rich story and has lots of ingredients, so I would just recommend you to watch it with loads of handkerchiefs near, if you enjoy heavy stories with very few moments of happiness, then this is one of the best ones around even tho it’s an oldie.

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