Gangnam Blues Korean Movie

Okay so, we haven’t had anything good from Lee Min Ho since…like forever. I’m a big fan of him but I have to admit I didn’t like either Faith, nor The Heirs. Of course is not his fault, and we still think he’s awesome, but well it was about time he got a big screen role.

It seems like ages since we got the news about him debuting in a film, it wasn’t that long, maybe it’s all the waiting that makes it seem like it was longer.

On the other hand I have to admit that I love asian gangster movies, from The Yellow Sea or A Dirty Carnival to the fantastic A New World or even Outrage and My Bittersweet Life, the list might continue forever, I just can’t get enough from this type of filming that makes gangsters world so appealing.

So, I have Lee Min Ho’s debut, a gangster story, a great cast, a noir film (which in this times are rare) and last but not least Yu Ha’s magical eye in direction (Howling, A Dirty Carnival, A Frozen Flower).

Gangnam Blues Korean Movie


Based back in times where Gangnam district in Seoul began its construction in 1970s. A movie that shows the struggles between political power and underground organizations who will try to earn territories by force and the use of brute force.

Planned as an influential and exclusive area from the very beginning, when this groups put their eyes on the land, there won’t be no going back nor regrets.

Starring in Gangnam Blues Korean Movie

  • Lee Min Ho (Personal Taste, The Heirs, Faith).
  • Kim Rae Won (My Little Hero, Gourmet, A Thousand Days’ Promise).
  • Kim Ji Su (Come Rain Come Shine, One Warm Word, Love Again).

Also starring in Gangnam Blues Korean Movie: Seol Hyun, Lee Yeon Doo & Jung Ho Bin.

This production will probably one of the most expected this past years and we will surely have some great action as we can preview on the great trailer.

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