Tsukuroi Tatsu Hito Japanese Movie

I tend to fall in love with small stories that talk about small lives that become transcendent to the awaken eye. Of course I enjoy huge stories with well done FX or great horror/action/love ones. But, there are some days in the busy life, that this films become a blessing.

Feeling like having a warm cup of strong flavored coffee in a rainy afternoon, stories about people with principles and tranquil lives, tend to be a luxury that sometimes I like to give myself.


Having inherited a dressmaking shop, Ichie, took care of it and learnt the job from her grandmother and her mother after that. Details and hand made crafts are everything that you will find in that shop, and of course this charismatic clothes maker who works with an old mechanical sewing machine.

Ichie makes clothes for regular customers and individuals, she won’t sell her name or her work to any company wanting to brand it for themselves.

This is the story behind a woman that will pay attention to the small details to make the best of what she owns and keep on living with a great love, her clothes and the idea that her family lives in them.

Tsukuroi Tatsu Hito Japanese Movie

Starring in Tsukuroi Tatsu Hito Japanese Movie

Also starring in Tsukuroi Tatsu Hito Japanese Movie: Hana Sugisaki, Mie Nakao, Masato Ibu & Kimiko Yo.

It will probably take a long time before it is aired in my country, so I will have to wait a lot before being able to watch it. Sometimes I wish I could just teleport to Japan and go watch all the new movies. That’s just not possible yet, so I will keep on waiting like I always did. For now, here’s the trailer.

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