Set Me Free Korean Movie

You might not have heard about this movie, maybe because it is a small stories (come on! we love tiny stories) or maybe because it’s a life experiences film and they tend to be slow and hurtful. I mean, there aren’t many (not comedies) movies about┬ápeople being happy. I wish there were tho.

What caught up my attention, apart from the amazing poster was that, finally, Choi Woo Sik was getting a lead role. I totally think he deserved it. A story that will center almost completely around him, might be a little hard but it could be a great opportunity too.

Set Me Free Korean Movie


Isaac’s House is a boarding house full of teenagers that live away from his families. Some of them are there to finish their studies and others have troubles with their families. That is the case of Young Jae, who ended up living over until he finishes his studies and trying to escape his lost case father.

Young Jae is about to turn 17 and will have to leave the house by then. He’s a reliable young man to his friends and mates, a model student that wants to become a priest. But instead, he hides a delinquent side, stealing money from his friends and lying all the time.

His father will look for him, not to care of course, but to tell him to take care of his younger brother so he can leave. That will be a breaking point in Young Jae’s attitude towards life until that moment.

Starring in Set Me Free Korean Movie

  • Choi Woo Sik (Fated to Love You, Rooftop Prince, Pride and Prejudice).
  • Kim Su Hyeon (Sleepless Night, The Unjust, Crying Fist).
  • Jang Yoo Sang (Night Bugs, One Night Only).
  • Shin Jae Ha (Futureless Things).
  • Park Joo Hee (The Wicked, Nobody’s Daughter Hae Won, Miss The Train).
  • Kang Shin Chul (Fasten Your Seatbelt, The Queen of Office, 577 Project).

Is not a great cast, and story is one of those that are really small, but I think it will be worth to watch it, maybe just for the fun of it, or because lately we might have been waiting for this kind of script. Here’s the trailer!

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