Iron Man Korean Drama

It has not been long since we could enjoy one of Lee Dong Wook super dramatic performances in Hotel King. Personally, I have not finished it, but everyone that did watched it states that it was a great one. I can’t say anything about that, until the point I stopped watching it, it was great and an awesome performance from Dong Wook, but aren’t them all his performances good? 😀

Iron Man, also known as Blade Man, was great news as soon as we knew the male lead, but the really bad thing about it is his female partner, I have not liked any of Shin Se Kyung’s performances, like…ever. I could avoid this story at all if it was not because of Dong Wook and the fact that he always picks great roles. So I might watch it with care, specially since the director is the same that made the great White Christmas, but also the really boring Blade and Petal.

Trailers and teasers show an interesting plot with a lot of situations that seem like they are out of the ordinary. Let’s just hope for performances to be good!

Iron Man Korean Drama


A man with a dark and troubled mind will try to scape his painful past with the help of a woman whose personality is bright and cheerful. She will try to heal his wounds and walk a dark path with him.

Starring Iron Man Korean Drama

  • Lee Dong Wook (My Girl, Hotel King, Wild Romance).
  • Shin Se Kyung (When A Man Loves, Fashion King, High Kick).
  • Shin Seung Hwan (Triangle, Empress Ki, Inspiring Generation).
  • Jeong Jin (Inspiring Generation, The Princess’ Man, Unemployed Romance).
  • Jung Yoo Geun (Can We Love, Land of Gold, Samsaengi).

This story will probably be a roulette, I will not wait for it of course, I rather finish Hotel King first or watch the thousand episodes of Strong Heart, before watching another Shin Se Kyung’s drama. I wish she wasn’t the one casted, really sorry if you are a fan of hers, I will not change the way I feel about her. Of course you are free to enjoy the trailer! 🙂

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