Review of P.S. Man Taiwanese drama

I started watching P.S. Man as a new drama. My only previous experience into Taiwanese dramas was Extravagant Challenge. I had no idea it aired so many years ago, and also, besides of the language, which is really unknown to me, it became hypnotic to watch.

Maybe you will know better, but in the beginning the story catches the attention really fast. After that it began to round in circles. I even think that it wasn’t necessary.

Synopsis of P.S. Man

The drama depicts the story of two old schoolmates that hate each other. The guy used to make fun of the girl, causing her great suffering. When they grow up, she has the chance to get her revenge, without him knowing who she is. And there begins the story.

Review of P.S. Man Taiwanese drama

Starring in P.S. Man

Lan Zheng Long plays Xia He Jie, a writer specialized in love lessons but in reality they are worthless. He thinks he knows it all and believes he’s in the top of the world. He’s cocky, egocentric and completely irritating. He will have to face the consequences of his own acts when he’s sentenced to 187 hours of community service.

Sonia Sui gives life to Ma Xiao Qian, a cheerful teacher with a hidden side of her. She’s also really spiteful towards someone that used to make her life a living hell. She dreams of having her own kinder garden.

As co-stars we find Wen Sheng as Meng Cheng En. A young multimillionaire that feels captivated by Xiao Qian and wants to help her to fulfill her dreams. On the other hand, Amanda, played by Bianca Bai, a famous model that is chased by He Jie, who thinks he han have any woman.

Two great characters are portrait by George Zhang, as agent He Jie. He doesn’t get much of anything, but will be one of the creators of funny situations. And also the adorable Zhong Xin Ling, who plays Mary, a close friend and adviser. She knows more than she shows, is one of those friends that anyone would like to have.

Conclusions of P.S. Man

The story grows to a certain point, but then again I consider that there are some turns that could have been avoided. After 21 hours, you might end up wishing it finishes. But overall, it will be taking you through pleasant places and funny situations.

If you have never seen a Taiwanese drama, maybe it is a nice way to start. Getting used to the language, I have to confess that took me a while. But then again, after a few episodes everything got better. The story is great and also fun. I recommend it if you would like to learn another way of making Asian dramas.

One thought on “Review of P.S. Man Taiwanese drama”

  1. Thanks for your review. Perhaps it’s because it’s 2020, I view our heroine so differently . At the beginning we met her as an outspoken teacher who always spoke out when people were treated unfairly, and her revenge on Xiao Ji-He (especially in the hotel when she took away his towel) was something she did ferociously and with glee. However the writers did’nt make her character consistent beause she was so passive in everything else she did…especially with her pushy friend Mary AND that horrible dominating grandmother and the rest of her family. She never stood up to them to defend herself or her feelings. Instead she pushed into Wengchen’s family business, blindsided him in the middle of a golf game and stomped on his bodyguard’s foot to yell at the father about what he was doing wrong. She was portrayed as a wise, kind ad calm woman but whenever anyone told her what to do, she ‘went along to get along’ and then kept feeling sorry for herself. Yelling at a CEO on a golf course is not being strong, it’s being reckless. And Xia He Jie was recklessly in love with her. Many of her memories with him were misunderstandings but when she found out about them, she still kept lying about who she was. And whenever she faced off with him, she was mute and said nothing. Worse was when she pathetically gave in to Amanda’s request to ‘give her Xia He Jie’ because her son was not happy. (The Amanda decides to move away? Writers please!) All in all this drama had a binge quality because of the many ups and downs and turn arounds our characters were put through. I kept hoping that Xiao Qian would becomea stronger more admirable character within her relationships , not just roar like a lion at other people when it was none of her business. I actually preferred that cocky Xiao Je Hie because we knew from the start that he had been hurt and later realized how much she had misunderstood his bullying while young. We know his wounds and hers…but somehow, he always spoke the truth about how he was feeling about her. She never did. The show could have been eighteen or twenty episodes instead of 34 and been much more satisfying. Thanks for the great space for sharing my comments. This was an 8/10 for me.

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