Misaeng Korean Drama

For being away from performances so long Kang So Ra is definitely having a really busy year. Having finished Dr. Stranger a few months ago, and now becoming a new heroine in this promising upcoming drama called Misaeng – Incomplete Life.

On the other hand, Im Si Wan has also had a great year with his partly lead role in Triangle, and now enjoying the male leadership along with the talented and classic of dramas and movies, Lee Sung Min.

Misaeng Korean drama is specially based on the popular homonymous Korean manhwa and depicts the hard relationships between the worker class in large companies.

Misaeng Korean Drama


GO game has been a constant to Jang Geu Rae from his childhood and his plans were to become a professional player of it. Sadly he couldn’t achieve the title and had to abandon everything because of it.

Without any experience in life he has to become a regular citizen, getting a regular job and living a regular life that has nothing to do which what he ever dreamt of.

He got lucky tho since without experience he gets recommended by an acquaintance to get an intern job in Wonin International company. That’s where he will meet his boss Oh Sang Sik and his coworker, An Young Yi.

What will his GO training help him overcome in this new and unfamiliar life of his?

Starring Misaeng Korean Drama

  • Siwan (Triangle, Pure Love, Reply 1997).
  • Kang So Ra (Dream High 2,  Ugly Alert, My Paparotti).
  • Lee Sung Min (Miss Korea, My Little Hero, Monstar).
  • Kang Ha Neul (Angel Eyes, The Heirs, Mourning Grave).

Also starring in Misaeng Korean Drama: Byun Yo Han, Kim Dae Myung & Shin Eun Jung.

Starting point is a little odd and out of the ordinary, but there has been some releases that have to do with board games and that particularly underground world.

I do not know if that is the case in Misaeng, but since the main character’s background has something to do with it, it will probably bring us to discover it without even noticing and entertaining us in the way.

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