The Night Watchman Korean Drama

The Night Watchman is a story that starts small and without great expectations, but after a while it will hook you up. I have no idea if it is because of the script or part of the cast, but it is original enough to keep the interest till the very end.

I tend to love when that happens, specially when I don’t wait for a great story and I end up watching one, The Night Watchmen might not be the greatest drama of all times, but I’m pretty sure you will enjoy watching it, specially if you like mystery and ghosts stories.

The Night Watchman Korean Drama

Synopsis of The Night Watchman

A great evil invades the city one night, without being able to scape the King and his family are attacked by this darkness. To finally release his son from this shadows that took his soul, the King goes to the Mago tribe for help. Over there learns about this great dark power that have existed from the times of times and is being awaken by a strong wizard.

The King, together with the Mago elders, are able to find the wizard and try to kill him, but his power will take over his Majesty’s heart and soul, turning him into an awful and despicable man. When he learns about this possession he will be powerless and his little son will be completely afraid of him and still sick.

One of the Mago Tribe’s wizards will give the King a powerful flower. It will protect the young prince from sickness and save his soul, but from that time on, he will be able to see ghosts and for that matter he will be secluded from his title.

The years pass and the Reign has no news about the evil wizard that took over the city by that time. Instead a mysterious chaman comes to the scene and plans to take over the old power that was once his. He will do as he pleases until he finds the Night Watchmen, a group of young man and women that have different abilities from fighting and talking to ghosts to managing different types energy.

Starring The Night Watchman Korean Drama

Jung Il Woo (Golden Rainbow, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, The Moon Embracing the Sun) is Prince Lee Rin. The one that gets his throne stolen. He will have to bear a curse (or at least everyone makes him feel that way). That fact will trigger when he gets attacked by a powerful wizard’s magic.

Ko Sung Hee (Miss Korea, An Ethics Lesson, Fasten your Seatbelt) is Do Ha. The new Mago Wizard whose sister saved the tribe and Lee Rin’s father a long time ago. She has a good heart and will try to help everyone arounds her, even tho that gets her into troubles.

U Know Yunho (Poseidon, Queen of Ambition, No Limit) is Moo Seok. A trustworthy Royal Guard who will do his best at staying loyal to his Highness and his principles.

Seo Ye Ji (Sado, Potato Star) is Park Soo Ryeon, Prime Minister’s daughter. She works as a nurse in the town clinic and has been close to Prince Rin since they were young. She’s obsessed with him and will try to do anything to win his heart.

Yoon Tae Young (Late Night Hospital, King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang, Strike Love) is Jo Sang Heon. A mysterious character that will end up being of great help when the time comes.

Kim Sung Oh (Inspiring Generation, Fashion King, Midas) is Sadam. The strong wizard that wants to conquer a great power and help a dark evil rule the world. He’s the one that gets this story started. Attacking the reign and bringing sorrow and sadness to the Royal Family. If you have the strangest characters…bring them! He can do anything.

Also starring in The Night Watchmen Korean Drama: Choi Won Young, Kim Heung Soo, Lee Jae Yong, Ko Chang Seok, Lee Se Chang & Kang Ji Woo.


On the trailer you can have a preview of what The Night Watchman is about. It has magic, mystery, intrigue, love and comedy, everything, basically. Some performances were better than others. Although I think that doesn’t matter in the end, because the story is the star. Or at least it feels that way.

It’s a really fun drama to watch if we take out the power and love clichés. The mixture between history and fantasy ads some spice to the whole story. In the end we find ourselves entering this hidden world. If you like spirit stories that aren’t scary but with a strong script then you will really like this one.

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