Love Forecast Korean Movie

And they’re back together again, after a long long long time. This is one of the most awaited screen couples this year, and you could ask why is that? They happen to be amazing at the job and have been portraying better characters each time they appear on any drama or movie.

As I said, they have been together already, back in Shinning Inheritance drama, they weren’t the lead couple, but close enough to wish they were. What’s amazing about this productions is that whenever we wish we could see two stars performing together, there are high chances for that to actually happen and in this case, they are two of the most talented actors out there.

Love Forecast Korean Movie

Synopsis of Love Forecast Korean Movie

Love doesn’t come easy for these two. Whenever Joon Soo falls in love, he gives everything he’s got to the relationship, but that might be too much, since he always gets dumped. For Hyun Woo it might seem she’s got it easier, but unlike her amazing beauty, she’s always overreacting and cursing like a man, not very nice coming from the weather girl.

They will find each other with these lives of theirs, would they be able to surpass their realities and open up to love?

Starring in Love Forecast Korean Movie

  • Lee Seung Ki (King 2 Hearts, You’re All Surrounded, Shinning Inheritance) us Joon Soo.
  • Moon Chae Won (Shinning Inheritance, Nice Guy, Good Doctor) is Hyun Woo.
  • Hwa Young from T-ara is Hee Jin.
  • Park Eun Ji (Birth Secret, Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team) is a weathercaster.
  • Lizzy from After School (The Sons, Akuryo Byoutou, All My Love for You) is Min A.
  • Jung Joon Young (Monstar) is Andrew.

Also starring in Love Forecast: Lee Dong Jin (Gap Dong, I Can Hear Your Voice, Swallow the Sun) is part of the broadcasting station staff; Hong Hwa Ri (Wonderful Days) as little Hyun Woo & Lee Seo Jin (Wonderful Days, Gye Baek, Possessed).

A lot of idols among the cast, all of them with very little experience in performing, which might end up being a complete new experience to viewers. I know that both Lee Seung Ki and Moon Chae Won always pick great roles, so I will trust this comedy with all my will.

We need to wait a little yet before it gets released, but in the meantime we can watch the trailer! 🙂

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