The Royal Tailor Korean Movie

There are many things of this movie that public might find appealing. In my case I have my reserves, just because I tend not to like the work of some members of the cast. I usually don’t say this, but there are indeed, some actors and actresses that I can’t stand to watch. After having watched them play the same way over and over again.

If you read this blog you might have realized that I don’t go with popular or support stars blindly. It takes a long list of horrible performances to make me lose my hope in someone. But one outstanding performance can earn my trust back.

Maybe, thanks to this interesting script I might change my mind and give everyone a chance. I tend to love historical dramas. I don’t mind if they are Korean, Chinese or Japanese. Their history is so rich and deep, that there is always something new I can learn from these genre. There’s usually a mixture of genres inside their scripts, and that makes them even more interesting.

The Royal Tailor Korean Movie

Synopsis of The Royal Tailor Korean Movie

Based during the renowned Joseon Dynasty. This movie depicts the lives, dreams and troubles of those working at the Sanguiwon. This is the name of the place were the Royal attires are made.

Dol Suk is the best master artisan who is in charge of creating the royal attire and follows rules as they are given, thinking they are the most important thing in his job.

One day, Kong Jin, a genius like designer, is brought to the palace by Pan Soo, who discovered his capabilities. Being in the other side of the creative process, since he’s mainly born talented and with an excellent sense of fashion, together with Dol Suk will create an extraordinary royal attire, we know that extraordinary doesn’t always makes good.

The King and the Queen will be embroiled in an scandal because of this magnificent attire made by Dol Suk and Kong Jin.

Starring in The Royal Tailor Korean Movie

Also starring in The Royal Tailor Korean movie: Ma Dong Seok, Lee Yoo Bi, Shin So Yul & Jo Dal Hwan.

I tend to love stories that speak about the people that was forgotten, if we think of an historical movie, well then, Kings, Queens and ministers are always in the focus point, but here we get to know a backup story that, at least for me, are the most interesting ones.

We know dresses will be amazing, pictures will be awesome and all we can wait for is a good story that mix it all. There’s still a few weeks before this movie is released in Korea, so here’s the promising trailer.

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