Two Weeks Korean Drama Review 2013

After Arang & The Magistrate, Lee Joon Ki took some time off for two reasons. Firstly, his singing career, and secondly he said he was expecting a script that would trap him enough to come back to performing in television air. That’s how we got Two Weeks and this Jang Tae San making us cry a river of injustice and pain. A great story about persecution and scape.

Two Weeks Korean Drama Review 2013

Many people find the idea of a story that centers itself in a really short time lapse (only two weeks) a little odd. Of course, with the whole amount of flashbacks so we don’t find void characters or non-sense in our way. So, as much as I hate flashbacks in other stories, here they add depth to the plot.

However, in Two Weeks performances go from the absolutely amazing to the, well…not so much. I think the story saves them all, although the last episode, at least for me, wasn’t necessary. In this case, not entirely, but at least the last half hour (I can’t tell you more or I’ll spoil the 16 episodes). Don’t worry, is not an ending like the one in Fashion King, but I found it, flat.

Two Weeks Korean Drama Review 2013

Starring in Two Weeks

I’m going to point out weakness and strengths in the cast cause I feel somewhat frustrated by some of them.

Lee Joon Ki

Arang & The Magistrate, Hero, May 18th

Is Jang Tae San, the main character of the story. He’s a man that has suffered a lot in his life and when he’s finally coming out from the despair, destiny plays a hard move on him and goes to jail. When he’s released he finds out he has a daughter and that she’s sick. At the same time, he’s blamed for another crime and he will be chased because of it. The mental relationship that has with his daughter in the moments of despair when he needs to hide, is one of the strengths of the drama. Just the thought of her waiting for him causes deep changes in his attitude. She’s the voice of conscience that will guide him towards the best possible decision.

Kim So Yeon

Prosecutor Princess, Iris, The Great Seer

Plays attorney Park Jae Kyung. A woman searching for justice. She has strong feelings that the real culprit is his father’s killer, crime committed eight years ago. Kim So Yeon is always brilliant in serious and hard roles. I think it’s a great choice for a strong righteous woman. Although I must say I miss her funny side as seen in Prosecutor Princess.

Ryu Soo Young

Ojakgyo Family, Bad Couple, My Princess

Plays Im Seung Woo, the detective in charge of chasing Tae San. The detail is that he is the current boyfriend of the mother of Tae San’s daughter. Although at first, he has no idea who he is. He’s an impulsive man that doesn’t think things too much. He’s sometimes nice and others he needs to make hard decisions. As everyone on this drama, he might have to choose among things that might feel unfair or wrong, but in the end everything will resolve in his favor. I found his performance to be not really deep. Maybe because of the clothes, a Rambo-like outfit that made him seem like a renegade more than a detective.

Park Ha Sun

Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek, Tone Deaf Clinic, High Kick! 3

Is Seo In Hye, Tae San ex-girlfriend, mother of his child. Now she’s going out with Detective Seung Woo. She’s a desperate mother that tries to contact the man that abandoned her while she was pregnant, in order to save her life. The plot is really good, although she doesn’t convince me. Maybe is just a personal feeling, but sadly in this story, it wasn’t an exception.

Jo Min Ki

The Great Seer, A Piano on the Sea, Five Fingers

He gives life to Moon Il Seok, an unscrupulous mobster that only knows how to get away with what he wants. As usual Min Ki is perfect to deploy evilness and malice. Even tho it’s a character that we’re going to hate, the truth is that his work is impeccable.

Lee Chae Mi

Still You, Cruel Palace

Plays the cute Seo Soo Jin, Tae San and In Hye’s daughter. She suffers from leuchemia, and only a bone marrow transplant can save her. She’s hospitalized in the Hospital’s pediatric unit and even tho she’s suffering, she’s still cheerful and brave. She will be his father’s mental companion even tho they almost don’t know each other. Her performance is great.

Also starring in Two Weeks: Song Jae Rim (Nail Shop Paris, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, The Moon that Embraces the Sun) as killer Kim. Kim Hye Ok (All about my Romance, Dr. Jin, Baby Faced Beauty) as the unscrupulous councilmember Jo Seo Hee. Cheon Ho Jin (Good Doctor, Ugly Alert, All About My Romance) as Han Chi Kook a hermit man that will help Tae San when he needs it the most.

Conclusions of Two Weeks

It’s a nonstop drama, it has 16 episodes with almost constant tension. It wouldn’t be enjoyable otherwise. In fact, without the traps, crisis, and persecutions the rest of the story will turn really boring. If you like action with some violent details, several adorable father and daughter moments and an out of the ordinary premise, then it’s a must. In my case, I liked it a lot, but it won’t be one of my favorites. Sadly.

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