200 Pounds Beauty Korean Movie

This was one of the first Korean movies I’ve seen, after I started watching dramas, actually I usually looked for lists of comedies and this is one of the best rated along with the highly recommended My Sassy Girl. Since I saw 200 Pounds Beauty again a few days ago, I’ll leave my impressions again, which still haven’t change from the first time.

It is actually a great comedy but, on the other hand you will get some sad feelings from it because of the main character who is really pitiful and in the end you have half comedy half drama.

Synopsis of 200 pounds beauty

Story behind this movie tells the life of an overweight girl named Han Na. She has an amazing voice but ugly looks. Han Na works doubling the voice for a talentless idol. She’s really dumb and is in love with the producer who is in appearance the only one that treats her right.

Living in a fantasy world, Hanna is under a deep depression that will trigger when she receives a huge deception from the man she loves. This is the starting point for her to decide if she commits suicide or gets her into a plastic surgery clinic and change her looks from head to toe.

Being so stupid, she won’t even be able to kill herself, so she plans a extreme makeover that will include, of course, changing her name so nobody would recognize her.

200 Pounds Beauty Korean Movie

Starring in 200 Pounds Beauty Korean Movie

Kim Ah Joong (Catch Me, Only You, My P.S. Partner) is Hanna. An overweight dreamer that besides of being the hidden voice of an idol, works in a hotline during nights. She decides to change her life and becomes a complete beauty called Jenny. A beauty that won’t be able to control, because inside she’s still the same naive and dumb girl. Ah Joong is always funny.

Joo Jin Mo (Empress Ki, Friend 2, Dream) is Sang Joon. The producer who works with Hanna and became her impossible love. He’s just a show off, so he is the one breaking Hanna’s heart in the beginning. Not the best from him, but still a good performance.

Ji Seo Yun (Norwegian Woods, Bridal Mask, Horny Family) is Amy. The stupid idol that has no talent whatsoever. She needs a voice double to be able to succeed. She’s evil with Hanna even tho she depends on her a lot. Will be other of the main reasons the ugly duckling will want to change.

Kim Hyun Suk (What Happened Last Night, Vampire Prosecutor 2, Spellbound) is Jeong Min. Amy’s choir girl and Hanna’s best friend. She’s also the only one beside her although she will have a hard time dealing with Jenny when the time comes.

Lee Han Wi (7th Grade Civil Servant, Basketball, Passionate Love) is the plastic surgeon who will be in charge of Hanna’s transformation and the one in charge of the funniest moments.

It is indeed a great comedy, Although it clearly states that even tho we might change our outer selves easily, inner nature needs a deeper and harder work to change. Usually these fast transformations, bring along hard times and other kind of insecurities. Deeper problems that lead us to be like we were before in the first place.

On the other hand, I recommend it but! Be aware that it starts really fun and entertaining but it will slowly lose its rhythm.

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