The Legendary Witch Korean Drama

With an out of the ordinary starting point in the story, this is one of the dramas that will probably give us something else from what we usually get in any romance or comedy story. A nice mixture between people that make the best they can with they got in life and dealing with social prejudice.

Four women completely different between them but with a hard past in common, they will learn to deal with their reality the best way possible. Script does ring a bell from Jung Woo’s character in You’re the best Lee Soon Shin, would it have been an inspiration part? We will never know.


Four women, Soo In, Bok Nyeo, Poong Geum and Mi O, became friends in the strangest circumstances. Having to spend their time in a woman’s prison,¬†get closer each time they share their past and thoughts.

At prison, they all learned to bake, and when they leave this place having served their sentences, they want to start a bakery shop that would compete with a large company. Would they stand a chance? Will they be able to survive the gossip and prejudice?

The Legendary Witch Korean Drama

Starring in The Legendary Witch Korean Drama

  • Han Ji Hye (Beyond The Clouds, May Queen, The Duo).
  • Ko Du Shim (You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin, Mother’s Garden, Mirae’s Choice).
  • Oh Hyun Kyung (Wang’s Family, Shark, She is Wow).
  • Ha Yeon Soo (Potato Star, Very Ordinary Couple, Monstar).

Also starring in The Legendary Witch Korean Drama: Ha Seok Jin, Park Keun Hyeong, Jung Hye Sun, Jeon In Hwa, Kim Yun Seo, Do Sang Woo, Pyeon Jung Su, Lee Seung Jun, Park In Hwan, Lee Jong Won, Lee Han Seo.

I can’t say I’m waiting for it, just because of one of the main female leads, Han Ji Hye, I tend not to like her roles overall. On the other hand the rest of the cast sounds really appealing so, maybe I will watch it once its finished when I’m able to get some comments from it. For now, and until Mama is finished, let’s enjoy the trailer.

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