A Company Man Korean Movie

I remember when I first knew about this production I couldn’t wait to watch it. First because it was So Ji Sub’s comeback into the big screen and second because it was an action movie, and…well I love those.

When I finally get to see it I wish I hadn’t read the synopsis beforehand, because in it, many of the basic situations ends up spoiled and the entire movie loses some of its effectiveness. So if we see it from this point of view, plot isn’t so surprising after all, because of the specific descriptions that were given about the story. The best of the entire film were, by far, the fights.

Synopsis of A Company Man

A cold blood contract killer wants to quit this job. He thinks of its unfairness and tries to get away from it the best way possible. Things won’t be so easy, working in an agency where agents are made to kill, escaping might be a matter of life or death.

A Company Man Korean Movie

Starring in A Company Man Korean Movie

So Ji Sub (The Master’s Sun, Cain & Abel, Ghost) is Ji Hyeong Do a cold blood killer that will end up wanting to scape this world when he’s asked to kill his old partner. Tired of everything, he will start escaping from the ones that he used to work for so knowing all the possible moves they can make, he has a chance. A great part from this talented anti-hero.

Kwak Do Won (Ghost, Good Doctor, The Attorney) is Kwon Jong Tae, Hyeong Do’s boss and the one that tries his best to do anything the agency asks from him. He will have no choice but to chase Hyeong Do, without caring about the years of service he had given. Ji Sub and Do Won have great chemistry as rivals, and this one wasn’t the exception.

Kim Dong Joon (Girl K, The Fugitive of Joseon) is Ra Hoon, a young spy that is trying to give his mother a better life. Instead he ends up in the company’s black list. I won’t say anything else about his part because he’s one of the few surprises we find in the plot. A great part from this rookie actor, who’s a part of the K-Pop group ZE:A.

Lee Mi Yeon (Crazy in Love, Addicted, Typhoon) is Yoo Mi Yeon. Ra Hoon’s mother that will be involved in everything without knowing her son’s real activities, nor the man that came to talk about him to her house (Heong Do).

Conclusions of A Company Man

The idea behind the movie is to show the reality of a contract killers agency. People that may look like office workers but are cold blood assassins. The dream of freedom and the impossibility of having an independent and ordinary life away from this type of job.

Injustice and tough reality, make us understand the mind of a cold blood killer that finally tries to redeem himself. Getting out of this vicious circle is the goal. Although everyone is replaceable, or isn’t it?

The best of it is filming and fights among any other thing. They’re extremely frenetic and perfectly made. I have seen many dramas and movies with martial arts in them, and I think this is one of the best. The story is a small and starts growing to its euphoric moments that are the best. Recommended if you like movies about inner sight of violent characters.

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