Dr. Frost Korean Drama

I sometimes run with news but apparently I am not fast enough. I tried to make it with this preview but I couldn’t so the drama ended up starting before I could bring you the trailer.

I wish I could turn back the time but, at least, in reality that’s just not possible. For those who haven’t heard of it, or have not started watching, then I’m right in time, because this drama looks really appealing from the original script and the out of the ordinary characters. Dr. Frost Korean drama will be taking the space that Reset leaves on Sundays, although release date is not particularly right, since it is set on September 23rd, which happens to be Thursday.

So maybe I can’t turn back the time, but someone kicked the release date behind! Yay! That’s not important, nor what we are going to talk about here, but this appealing new drama called Dr. Frost.

Dr. Frost Korean Drama


Dr. Frost’s real name is Baek Nam Bong, a psychology professor who licensed very young and is amazingly smart. We may think he’s a great teacher but in fact he suffered from a frontal lobe injury when he was young, so that prevents him from feeling any kind of empathy to other people.

This strange character, works as a counselor during the day and as a bartender at nights. But that won’t be enough for our ice hero, he will start working with a teacher assistant, Yoon Sung A, who’s cheerful and enthusiastic, unlike him. Together they will be a great couple to solve problems from everyone that goes over there needing help.

Starring Dr. Frost Korean Drama

  • Song Chang Eui (The Great Seer, Cinderella Man, Syndrome).
  • Jung Eun Chae (My Bittersweet Life, Nobody’s Daughter Hae Won, Horror Stories).

Also starring in Dr. Frost Korean drama: Lee Yoon Ji, Sung Ji Ru & Choi Jung Woo.

I haven’t yet seen any drama from these actors before, director and writer are new too, but OCN has been releasing some more than interesting stuff this late months, and this story will probably be well made as well. We can’t know until we see it! So here’s the trailer! Enjoy! 😉

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