Birth of a Beauty Korean Drama

When I first read about this drama, my memory brought me back to Artificial Beauty, the Japanese story, but as soon as I got the news on the plots, I realized that there might be a slight similarity, but starting points are too far apart.

I know, they are not completely different, but at least main characters motivations might differ from one another. I will leave Artificial Beauty out, because there is no need to include it in a preview post, but whenever I decide to write about both dramas, I might recall this again.

Birth of a Beauty Korean Drama


The troubled Han Tae Hee is the young inheritor from a large conglomerate. Due to a mental shock he has been suffering from a broken heart syndrome and to get back the woman of his dreams, he decides to physically change a woman.

He picks Sa Geum Ran, an unattractive and overweight woman that will be turned into Sara. While these changes are taking place, Tae Hee will start falling for her.

Birth of a Beauty Korean Drama

Starring Birth of a Beauty Korean Drama

Also starring in Birth of a Beauty Korean Drama: Han Sang Jin, In Gyo Jin, Ha Jae Suk, Han Jin Hee, Kim Young Ae, Kang Kyung Hun, Jin Ye Sol, Kim Yong Rim, Shim Yi Young, Kim Cheong & Lee Jong Nam.

From the starting point, it seems like Artificial Beauty meets 200 Pounds Beauty. Let’s just hope for the best from this story, but so many ordinary characteristics, make me think that it will not be the most original script of all.

Despite this, we have no other option that watching it so we can finally say something. Here’s the trailer.

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