A Moment to Remember Korean Movie

Have I ever tell you that I don’t like dramatic movies? I watch them because I am not the one picking them up most of the times. But I tend to suffer too much from them and I end up dehydrating after I cry a lot. With this statement you might now know what “A Moment To Remember” is about. At least you would know that you will probably need tons of handkerchiefs on hand. Unless you want to end up with a really really wet pillow. You should avoid make up at all costs.

So I will try to make a synopsis as I usually do, but I can’t still decide what to tell you and what to leave out from it, since I usually think surprising scripts are better than spoiled ones. But if you have seen Asian Movies and Dramas, you have probably noticed that if joy and happiness is displayed in the first 15 minutes of the story, then we will be crying soon. This movie isn’t the exception.

A Moment to Remember Korean Movie


Su Jin is a designer that has been through a resent love disappointment when she finds out the man she was dating was married. On the way back home she enters a store to buy a soda, and when she leaves and walks away, she finds out several blocks after that she had forgotten all her stuff, so she goes back.

In that instant, a stranger is leaving the store with a soda in his hand, she, without even saying anything, takes it and drinks it. He stares but doesn’t say anything.

She goes back home and finds out she also has forgotten her wallet at the store, she goes back to get it and the employee gives her her purse and the soda with it. By that time, she finds out she was mistaken and that took someone else’s soda without even saying hi. That stranger is now long gone, but, fate has some other plans.

I wouldn’t like to keep unveiling lovely parts of the script, but because this is just the beginning of this specially cute love story, you would feel the sadness approaching with every breath you take. Su Jin has an illness and all these memories will end up being what she will cherish the most.

Starring A Moment To Remember Korean Movie

Son Ye Jin (Personal Taste, Shark, Spellbound) is Su Jin. This forgetful and spontaneous girl that has no fear of being silly. She has an adorable family who despite her great amount of mistakes, show her all their love unconditionally. This fact caught up my attention, since we usually get to see how young people mistakes are overly punished by elders. Since it’s a 2004 movie Ye Jin is really young and her talent is already amazing. She keeps making us laugh and cry like very few can do.

Jung Woo Sung (The Divine Move, Padam Padam, Athena: Goddess of War) is Chul Soo, a carpenter that works with Su Jin’s father and becomes an important part of her life. He will have to deal with hardships from Su Jin’s illness. Another impecable part from this excellent actor, Woo Sung is without a doubt one of the most charismatic leads and this movie wasn’t the exception.

The whole story circles around them. I won’t extend to the rest of the cast since they aren’t really relevant to the tiny but efective story. The OST is particularly lovely. There are many spanish boleros and tangos that are being sung by Korean singers. That gives unique ambience to the scenes.

The movie is a walk through the happiness of a young couple. With projects and dreams and the hard reality that arrives unexpectedly, tough and sad. The hopeless need to confront fears and unjust tyranny of face. I highly recommend this movie to super romantic people. And please don’t forget something to wipe a huge amount of tears.

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