Crying Fist 2005

Well what to say about this movie, first of all I absolutely admire Choi Min Sik and Ryoo Seung Bum. Their capability of making us to feel the pain of their characters is absolutely amazing. That said, Crying Fist isn’t about fights but the lives of those that have chosen the path of boxing to make a living.

As we may see here the idea is to show that things in life aren’t always the way we want. Life usually hits hard and we just need to stand up and fight back. Remember the saying that if life gives you lemons you should make lemonade? Well that is what this movie is all about.

Synopsis of Crying Fist

On one side we have an expert fighter that was a Silver medallist at the Beijing 1990 Olympic Games. He is now retired and has no way of making a living. On the other hand, a troubled young man that has a lot of anger and can’t control his fury when the time comes. This two opposites (and not so different after all) places of society will have to struggle through their own minds to be able to stand up once again.

Crying Fist - 2005

The movie is slow unlike what you may think from the title. Although it has some action moments since, well…it’s a movie about fights after all, you won’t get loads of action from it. What you are going to get is a view into someone else’s life, so well portrayed that you will almost feel as sick, happy or sad as the characters. Life isn’t fair, we all know that, and this movie will make us feel it almost every single minute.

A window into someone else’s life that is far away from ours but still end up empathizing with them. Simply because we all make bad choices in life and these two even tho they’re on different stages in their lives, they end up not giving up. Maybe, I wouldn’t have watched this movie without these specific actors playing the parts. Feels like it wouldn’t be the same.

Starring in Crying Fist

I would put their performances over anything else that takes part on this movie. Background stories are well written. We relate to them really easily even tho the younger man is a nut job. I enjoyed it, also there’s a wise choice of the OST. Don’t wait for the Fight Club, it’s a very different approach, but it is also another way of making a good movie about two really different yet similar boxers.

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