A Dynamite Family Korean Movie

Oh! I love family comedies that are mixed with mystery scripts, just like the amazing The Quiet Familly (which I highly recommend) or Bad Family drama (yes, go watch it!) and this one ads a great cast too, so we might surely give it a chance.

Let’s just hope for the script not end up being depressing like half of the comedies that we start watching. What caught up my attention the most about this is the gangster-like family in the poster, and the cast, everyone has been hilarious in their previous parts, so this might be a worth the time production.

A Dynamite Family Korean Movie

Synopsis of A Dynamite Family Korean Movie

This people might act like strangers, they all became family because of their parents second marriage. They share their lives and fight each other like real siblings but one strange and unexpected happening will stick them together for good.

They will learn a lot about each other and themselves, since they need to join forces to go through this troubled times. That’s how Soo Kyo, Song Soo, Soo Geun, Hyun Jung and Soo Jung become a family in hardship.

Starring in A Dynamite Family Korean Movie

  • Yoon Sang Hyun (Gap Dong, Secret Garden, Love Clinique) is Soo Kyo.
  • Song Sae Byeok (The Servant, My Ordinary Love Story, The Huntresses) is Dong Soo.
  • Chansung (Brilliant Thieves Royale, 7th Grade Civil Servant, High Kick) is Soo Geun.
  • Lee Ah Lee (King’s Dream, Lights and Shadows, Abiding Love Dandelion) is Hyun Jung.
  • Kim Ji Min (Jung Yi Goddess of Fire, TV Novel: Samsaengi) is Soo Jung.

Also starring in A Dynamite Family Korean Movie: Lee Kwang Soo, Sung Byoung Sook, Choi Jong Won, Kim Kwang Kyu & Ahn Young Mi.

There are many things we could say about this movie before hand, but for now we will have to wait until its release. As usual, enjoy the promising trailer!

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