The Quiet Family Korean Movie

If you get the chance of taking a peek at the cast included in this movie, you will understand my reasons to watch it immediately after I found out, they were all so young and it has been so long that they are almost unrecognizable but after you get who they are and what they are going to portrait, you buy the plot without any doubts.

In spite of being a movie that is fifteen years old, it has everything that it needs to compete with multimillionaire productions in terms of script originality and over all, this kind of morbid comedy that won’t let you take a breath.

Synopsis of The Quiet Family

The Quiet Family is a story about family that needs to get clients for their inn, situated in the middle of nowhere on the mountainside by the woods. Any of you who have ever seen a drama, should know that hiking over there is extremely popular and we may think that they will make it big since is the only place visitors are able to rest after their long walks.

In reality they will struggle to survive and they will lose all control over the situations after one night, after a long wait, they finally get a client that will sleep over and ends up (apparently) committing suicide.

Their luck seems to change after this event, so the family insists on keeping the secret so new clients wouldn’t be scared off, but how long can they keep their mouths shut. They aren’t the brightest bunch if I may say.

This client, didn’t come alone, he brought a long line of strange people that will spend the night at the inn with really awkward endings in their visits.

The Quiet Family Korean Movie

Starring in Quiet Family 1998 Korean Movie

Park In Hwan (Miss Granny, Thirst, The Righteous Thief) is Kang Tae Gu, the father of this strange family that will take the first step into this dark path by hiding a secret that everyone will have to hide, even if they don’t want to.

Na Moon Hee (Miss Granny, Twilight Gangsters, Five Fingers) is Mrs. Kang, Mr. Kang’s wife who keeps her hopes up that everything will change and they will be okay. Even tho she can’t help but to be grouchy because of their situation, in the end, she just wants to give her clients the best service she can offer.

Song Kang Ho (Thirst, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Howling) is Kang Yeong Min, the eldest son of the family, he’s a strange young man that seems to hide a dark secret, but then again we will find out he is just an immature big kid with a teenage mind. It’s strange to see him this young after having watched so many movies from him.

Choi Min Sik (Old Boy, I Saw The Devil, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance) will play Kang Chang Ku’s part, Tae Gu’s brother and the kids’ uncle, he’s way younger than his brother so he has a close relationship with his nephew and nieces, so they all look like a big bunch of immature teenagers.

Cameos in this movie are out of the ordinary too, so much that it would be impossible today to make the same production with the names that appear for just a few seconds.

Also starring in Quiet Family

Gi Ju Bong (Hide and Seek, Nobody’s Daughter Hae Won, Into The Mirror); Choi Cheol Ho (Inspiring Generation, Scandal, Hero); Ji Su Won (Golden Rainbow, Smile Mom, Love Me When You Can); Jang Ka Hyeon (Ugly Alert, The Queen’s Classroom, Still You), Jung Jae Young (Going by the book, Castaway on the moon, I Am Murderer); Jung Woong In (Fists of Legend, Empress Ki, I Hear Your Voice).

You should watch it to know more about it because everything turns out to be completely hilarious. It’s one of the best black humor movies I’ve seen and you won’t regret it if you watch it with this in mind. Watch out with the spoilers in the trailer.

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