Mr. Baek Korean Drama

Okay, if I thought that Fated to Love You and It’s Okay That’s Love were going to be the only great dramas I was highly expecting this year. I have to admit I was completely wrong, because every time I look around there is another great one coming out.

I might be raising my expectations a little too much, but who wouldn’t when Shin Ha Kyun is at the table and we add a spicy Jang Nara with him. There is nobody that had watched any of their dramas or movies that would expect any less.

Starting point is very simple, fantasy, comedy, fun and hilarious moments, that is everything we can expect from this fantastic story that will probably make us laugh more than it will make us depressed.

Mr. Baek Korean Drama


An old man called Choi Go Bong is already in his 70s and even tho he owns a conglomerate and has no financial issues, he feels he has never loved anyone but business. One day, he accidentally becomes a 30 something year old man, and falls in love for the first time.

Everything will turn upside down, of course, since he has a son that now has his own age, and the lady he loves has a little too rough manners. If that was all, but his close family will start some complicated business as well.

Mr. Baek Korean Drama

Starring Mr. Baek Korean Drama

  • Shin Ha Kyun (All About My Romance, Harvest Villa, Running Man).
  • Jang Na Ra (Babyfaced Beauty, Fated To Love You, School 2013).
  • Lee Joon (Gap Dong, Actor is an Actor, IRIS 2).
  • Jung Suk Won (Haeundae Lovers, Rooftop Prince, White Christmas).
  • Park Ye Jin (My Princess, An end to Killing, I Love Lee Tae Ri).

Also starring in Mr. Baek Korean Drama: Jeon Kuk Hwan, Lee Moon Sik, Hwang Young Hee, Lee Mi Young, Jo Mi Ryung & Lee Mi Do.

There aren’t many stories that make me laugh from the trailer, but this one did. I say, let’s not just think too much and let this masters entertain us! Here’s the first trailer! 😀

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