Scarlet Innocence Korean Movie

There are stories that from the very first images catch up your interest. This is probably one of them. Not because it has the most original script in the world, it doesn’t. But because of the images and the small but appealing cast. There is not a single movie with Jung Woo Sung that isn’t worth the time. He is a strong lead, and excellent at any part he plays. He tends to pick the best scripts to work with.

On the counterpart of this small story we find Esom, who is also known for portraying dark characters at their best and owns an exotic charisma that would appeal to any sort of story.

Scarlet Innocence Korean Movie

Synopsis of Scarlet Innocence

The story of a 37 year old professor that decides to start a new life in a small county, he goes there to teach literature and in the meantime encounters a young teenager named Deok Yi, who is 17 years old.

This encounter will change each other’s lives since it will turn into an obsessive course while Hak Kyu starts losing his sight.

Starring Scarlet Innocence Korean Movie

Also starring in Scarlet Innocence Korean Movie: Park So Young, Park So Dam, Yoo Seung Guk & Kim Hee Won.

Since we are talking about an independent movie, we might have the opportunity to watch it directly in movie theaters and without having to wait years since its release. In fact, this story will be airing in the Toronto International Film Festival, this September and probably all around the world after that. Let’s just cross our fingers and wait for it to come close! For now, you can enjoy the trailer!

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