Empress Ki Original Soundtrack

Finally! I get to make a list about a really cool and amazing drama in which I loved almost every song. I am not exaggerating. The music of this great story gave life to the scenes to the point that you can almost remember the whole combo.

Already talked to you about my thoughts on Empress Ki Korean Drama Review. I encourage you to watch it asap if you didn’t. Maybe this article will make you decide, since a lot of people chose not to watch long productions (it had 51 episodes), to finally enter the adventure of a great story with even greater performances.

But enough with the drama so I don’t repeat myself, because I loved it and the OST had to do with my fanaticism. A lot of great names you will see that will make you get goosebumps every time you hear them.

The instrumentals here are awesome so I would try to include some of them if I find them, just because they make a whole story behind the story and wouldn’t be fair to leave them out, they are absolutely monumental.

Empress Ki Original Soundtrack

Empress Ki Original Soundtrak List

  1. Empress Ki Opening Title by Kim Jang Woo.
  2. Thorn Love by 4MEN.
  3. Love Wind by WAX.
  4. I Love You by XIA Junsu.
  5. Just Once by Soyou.
  6. The Wind by Park Wan Kyu.
  7. The Day by Zia.
  8. To the Butterfly by Ji Chang Wook.
  9. Empress Ki Main Theme by Kim Jang Woo.

My favorites from this, although I love the entire list, are: Love Wind by WAX, I Love You by XIA Junsu, The Wind by Park Wan Kyu and the Instrumental Main Theme by Kim Jang Woo. Instrumentals are great, everything is awesome in this drama, if you haven’t watch it, you should, and if you did, just enjoy this wonderful play list remembering the great story that left behind. Here’s the list! Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Empress Ki Original Soundtrack”

  1. Hii,there is a ost of this drama …I NEED TO KNOW IT’S NAME PLEASE I NEED HELP
    I remember during the drama it came when the ji chang wook was looking at niyan and she was thinking of wangu at the bridge,this is the time when niyan worked as a maid.
    The song also came when ji chang wook was told that niyan is dead and he cried like anything

    1. All the songs are listed on the Spotify list. You can check them out there and then go look for them on YouTube if you don’t have a subscription.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. actually does any body know the name of the music that plays when the queen or TANGQSIHI get arrested is played ,,,,please some one say me the name of that background sound track please

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