The Youth Korean Movie

Let’s consider we’re all K-Pop fans. Is there anything better than watch Donghae on the big screen? Wait, what if we add 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun, FT Island’s Song Seung Hyun, and Woorin from Smile.G to the recipe? That’s what The Youth Korean movie brings to the table.

An omnibus film (you know I love them) with different stories that will portrait situations that happen now a days in teenager realities. Hard to watch and with a lot of potential to show the world (or at least Asian movie fans) a tiny bit of the things the young people have to deal with.

An strange way to portrait it and I really don’t know why they have picked idols to do so, but it might be interesting to watch and a good opportunity to meet some new directors, the only name I recognize from the list of five is Kim Jin Moo who worked in this year’s Apostle as his first project.

I can’t write a synopsis about the film, because there are five different stories and each one of them show different plots and cast, as you may see in the list.

The Youth Korean Movie

Starring in The Youth Korean Movie

The Rumor

Director: Kim Jin Moo.
Cast: Lee Dong Hae & Woorin.


Director: Park Ga Hee.
Cast: Gu Won, Nam Ji Hyun & Jung Hae In.

Enemies All Around

Director: Ju Seong Su
Cast: Song Seung Hyun & Choi Young Sung.

Play Girl

Director: Jung Won Sik
Cast: Seo Eun A, Park So Dam, Sun A & Yoo Hae Won.

I don’t know if the movie overall will be a good one, but the good thing I always conclude about omnibus productions is that we can choose weather we like one of the stories or some of them. It’s a real advantage to the viewer and a challenge for directors. Here’s the trailer!

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