Hundred Year's Inheritance 2013

I usually find quite difficult to go through all the songs that made my day when I watched certain dramas. This drama wasn’t, at least for me, the best of all, as I told you when I wrote the review. But in terms of music, story is really different, there could be a bad drama with a great OST and also the other way around. So here it is┬áHundred Year’s Inheritance Original Soundtrack.

A Hundred Year's Inheritance OST

In this case, I’m pretty sure you will remember some epic moments of the series when you hear this songs although it wasn’t that remarkable as others. For those looking for the songs included in A Hundred Year’s Inheritance OST, here’s the list and some of the tracks that could be found in official videos.

A Hundred Year’s Inheritance Original Soundtrack List

  1. I’ll Show You a Smiling Me by Arie Band.
  2. Living is Not Living by Jo Hyun Ah of Urban Zakapa.
  3. In Your Eyes by Jang Hee Young.
  4. In Your Eyes by Park Ji Hun of V.O.S.

It’s a really short OST for such a long drama, but that’s the way it is. My pick to remember this time is: Living is not living by Jo Hyun Ah.

And here’s the list.

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