As the Gods Will Japanese Movie

Well well well, Takashi Miike fans (me included) will be delighted to know about this new upcoming movie called “As the Gods Will” airing next November. Of course for us occidentals time will not pass quickly but we are sadly used to it.

That is not the point of this article, but to tell you about this new trailers that have been released and introduce you to this news story that will be directed by one of the most amazing talented Japanese film makers with exploding bodies, blood, strange characters and deathly games.

Synopsis of As the Gods Will

Shun Takahata and Ichika Akimoto are schoolmates, their lives are not out of the ordinary at all, in fact they lead pretty simple and boring student careers.

Everything will turn upside down when their teacher’s head explodes in front of the class. That is when a horror survival game will start developing in which everyone will have to play in order not to die.

Nobody knows the origin of this game, but they will be forced to enter without knowing why, how or who is behind the planning of this horrifying tasks.

As the Gods Will Japanese Movie

Starring As the Gods Will Japanese Movie

  • Sota Fukushi (Sukitte Ii nayo, Library Wars, A Clinic on the Sea).
  • Hirona Yamazaki (Love for Beginners, Lesson of the Evil, High School Entrance Exam).
  • Ryunosuke Kamiki (Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, SPEC: Heaven, Summer Wars).
  • Mio Yuki (Amachan, Kumo no Kaidan, Girl’s Recipes).

Also starring in As The Gods Will Japanese Movie

Shota Sometani, Nao Omori, Lily Franky, Atsuko Maeda & Tsutomu Yamazaki.

A psycho thriller that will probably hook us up from the very first minute. With all the excessive bleeding bath that we can get. It’s obviously made for genre fans. And it will probably be worth quite a while of entertainment. Nothing to say until we see it! Here’s the trailer! 😀

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