Big Match Korean Movie

What could be better than action, comedy and this cast? Probably nothing. Since I just got to see this trailer now I can’t wait for Big Match to be released. Hopefully time will pass fast enough while we wait for the great amount of big cast and stories that will be taking place this last trimester of the year.

I had no idea about it when the first posters came out, since there was some secrecy around the script and the cast. It was talented Lee Jung Jae the only name we got to know about it and when the full actors list was finally released surprise was even greater. Some great action and comedy names are involved in the production, and with that in mind we can only wait for the best.

Big Match Korean Movie


Martial arts star Choi Ik Ho is at the top of his fantastic career. He’s a natural born actor with an amazing talent for action and comedy. One day, his amazing life begins to crumble when he’s framed for murder.

On the other hand, there is Ace, a game planner. He’s in charge of creating games for rich people using the entire city as his game board. A kind of maleficent God with great technology that can basically do what he wants with other’s people lives.

Choi Ik Ho and Ace will become enemies when the first one enters a game to save his brother’s life.

Big Match Korean Movie

Starring in Big Match Korean Movie

  • Lee Jung Jae (New World, The Thieves, The Face Reader) is Choi Ik Ho.
  • Shin Ha Kyun (All About My Romance, Mr. Baek, Running Man) is Ace.
  • Lee Sung Min (Miss Korea, My Little Hero, Kundo: The Age of the Rampant) is Young Ho.
  • BoA (Waiting for Love) is Soo Kyung.

Also starring in Big Match Korean Movie: Kim Eui Sung, Park Doo Sik, Ra Mi Ran, Son Ho Jun, Choi Woo Sik & Bae Sung Woo.

It is a promising preview from wherever you see it. BoA fans might be thrilled with her Korean big screen debut. She will probably do an excellent job. And the whole idea of turning the city into a game is really appealing for a script. We need to wait a little yet, but as usual, here’s the trailer! 😀

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