God's Gift - 14 Days Korean Drama Original Soundtrack

It’s been a while since I reviewed this particularly hurtful story, and I remember it started really intriguing and interesting, and then kept on growing into a series of events that kept us in despair and getting viewers emotionally involved to the point that we wish it would finish.

I won’t review it again, you can read what I thought about it in God’s Gift – 14 Days 2014 Korean Drama Review. Is not fun if I write everything twice, isn’t it? For the purpose of this article, I’m here to leave the OST that was released and accompanied this sad and intriguing series.

I don’t recall the songs in my memory, so if I pick any favorite it will be because I’m listening to them again, but not because I remember anyone in particular. This is a drama where you particularly recall the script above everything else.

God's Gift - 14 Days Korean Drama Original Soundtrack

God’s Gift – 14 Days Korean Drama Original Soundtrack List

  1. If Only I Can Go to You by Song Ji Eun from Secret.
  2. If It Were Me by Yang Ji Won from SPICA.
  3. Because It Hurts by San Deul from B1A4.
  4. Spring Flower by Kim Joo Hoon from Remember.

As you may see it isn’t a big soundtrack list. The rest of the songs over there are instrumental. Maybe those who just decorate the scenes are the best of everything. I won’t pick any favorites because they are too few to do so. I’ll just leave you to enjoy this list without any special thoughts.

I do recommend the drama tho! Please watch it, is a great one. Specially if you like fictional situations and detective – crime stories. You won’t regret it!

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