Gakko no Kaidan Noroi no Kotodama 2014

Well we got the girls, we got the school, the uniform, a legend, a sign, a sound and the music. Everything is absolutely set to get us to jump from our sofa. Specially if it’s a rainy night watching Gakko no Kaidan Noroi no Kotodama. Although in my case it will be on a sunny day with all the lights on and hugging my dogs. I’m sorry but this movies scare me a lot! 😛

A new horror movie is arriving to theaters on May 23rd. It brings everything to the table so we at least jump from our seats.

Synopsis of Gakko no Kaidan Noroi no Kotodama

High school students Mei, Yuri, Ayano and Miyu dig into a mysterious accident that happened at their school years ago. As usual with this stories the strange things start being heard and seen.

In the meantime, Hitomi is filming a horror video to upload the internet. While Kimio, one of her colleges, introduces her to the fox’s window legend that sets a passage to the spirits world.

Gakko no Kaidan Noroi no Kotodama 2014

Starring in Gakko no Kaidan Noroi no Kotodama

Here’s the short but effective trailer. Make sure you don’t have headphones on. Hihihi.

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