Good Friends 2014

I wonder why Kang Dong Won left the project. He tends to be really picky with his roles and probably would have been a great add up. Not that we are completely left alone here, Meaning, there are three of the most charismatic male leads that we can get. I just keep wondering what reasons he might have had.

On the good part, we find a story about long time friends and the life that puts them in a difficult situation. Everything starts as a game but in the end they will find out that something went really wrong. This will trigger that they start showing their real faces to each other. There has been some image teasers about it that you probably have seen already. But since the movie trailer is out I think it is a good time to promote it. The movie is also known as Confession but since there are so many of them around I decided to use the literal title of 좋은 친구들 (Joeun Chingoodeul).

Good Friends 2014

Synopsis of Good Friends 2014

Three men have been friends since they were young and school mates. Their friendship is strong but suddenly something that started as an innocent action ended up in a crime. Now they have to face the law and their friendships trying to save themselves from being declared guilty. Are thy true friends? They will have to find out how strong was their bond in reality.

These man even tho they are friends, they are really different from each other. Hyun Tae is a paramedic and a father of a little girl. Min Soo is a small businessman and he is like the glue for the other two. The last one, In Chul, is an insurance agent but everybody knows his ethics are doubtful so everybody thinks of him as a trickster.

Starring in Good Friends 2014

If you happen to be a fan of dramas you will probably think (like I do) that cast is amazing. The movie will be airing next July 10th so it might be here sooner than expected. All I can think of is…I wish this was a drama! No more words, you can check the trailer back at the top of this post!

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