Man on High Heels 2014

There are movies that surprise us from the starting point, and that is the case of Man on High Heels for sure. Whenever I hear Cha Seung Won is making a new movie I can’t help but to be interested in it. Specially when I hear that he is playing a man that wants to be a woman I mean…him? a woman? He is not even close to be visually androgenic so what the…?

Well apparently he does not need that to perform this part. What this movie brings to the table is loads of action and deep drama. If we judge from the trailer, well I think it is amazing. The plot is absolutely out of the ordinary and cast is full of great well renowned names. I do not usually get this exited about a release but in this case I will give myself a break.

Man on High Heels 2014

Apparently it is detective year for our hero since he is also portraying mainly the same role in You’re All Surrounded drama, the story will tell us the inside life of Detective Ji Wook that goes through a hard time since he has always wanted to be a woman. For this purpose he will find someone that will try to help him, while solving cases, yes he was a detective, remember that! xD

Starring in Man on High Heels 2014

There would probably be way more that we get from the synopsis found out there. We sadly will have to wait till the 4th June to see it, for us maybe a little more. There is just one thing left to say about this film…I can’t wait. Find the trailer at the top of the post!

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