The Murderer - 2013 Korean Movie Trailer

Well you might know that I’m a fan of action movies. So this new prodution is probably going to grow great expectations. The Murderer, is the name (which producers might really like cause there are hundreds of them).

Firstly, I think it’s awesome that Man Dong Seok gets a stellar. It finally happened! Since he usually does a great job in secondary parts and sometimes the role just passes by without any notice.

For those looking for thriller and tears like “The Chaser” or “Memories of Murder” or many other great korean crime movies, this one might be the one for you. We’ll share our thoughts in the future when I can actually watch it. xD Oh dear subtitlers what would if be of me without you! =P

The Murderer - 2013

Synopsis of The Murderer

A serial killer called Joo Hyub decides to live without bringing any attention to him. So he moves into a small village with Yong Ho, his little son. When starting their lives again, they might collide with the fact of being discovered.

What is Joo Hyub willing to do to protect their new lives and his identity?

The Murderer (살인자) cast

Enough words! Here’s the trailer!

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