A New Leaf 2014

It’s been a while since we last saw Kim Myung Min in drama action. Lucky for us a new intrigue one called A New Leaf will be airing soon. This will happen after Cunning Single Lady sees its end this or next week. You might know that due to the tragedy that occurred last wednesday with the Sewol Ferry all drama and entertainment shows have been posponed. That’s the main reason dates might suffer more changes.

There aren’t any set dates but we can still access the trailers and know what this drama will be about.

A New Leaf 2014

Synopsis of A New Leaf

In this story Kim Myung Min will portrait Kim Suk Joo. A lawyer that goes to any extent to win his cases. He happens to lose his memory due to an accident. This will make him need to raise against the law firm that he used to work for.

As usual, most of his dramas depend on his character, being the center of attention nothing can go wrong. I was a little disappointed about the female lead cast since I don’t like Park Min Young’s acting, but then again I have to admit she knows how to pick good dramas to work with.

Starring A New Leaf

Kim Myung Min, Park Min Young, Kim Sang Joong, Ahn Sun Young & Oh Jung Se.

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