Next Generation PatLabor 2014

Good news for gundam fans. Next Generation PatLabor is an action movie that brings robots to life with Japanese classic style. From the trailer we can see that machines seem to be very well designed. I won’t lie…I can’t wait to see it! ^_^

Starring in Next Generation PatLabor

Storyline portraits the struggle of the Second Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police to survive a labor depression. The situation taking place lasts too long and it starts to create a crisis among workers. To clarify ideas, this might be the first movie that boards a labor issue for robots (and their drivers, of course). I have no idea how this will develop in the movie. It will probably be very interesting, and will add a little extra to the classic gigantic battles.

Next Generation PatLabor 2014

I can’t tell if its going to be good or bad. Expectations exist just because robots are involved and…well…we, the Mazinger Z fans grew up to love everything about it. Here’s the trailer! 😀

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