Puzzle 2014 Japanese movie trailer

If you love Saw and its four hundred sequels, well maybe Puzzle is the movie you were waiting for. With the Japanese twist but almost the same basis. Made to terrify people and watch them suffer. Puzzle is the new bet from Eisuke Naito, the rookie director that collaborated on the fantastic horror drama Akuryo Byoutou.

Morbid from anywhere you may see it, this production promises to be twisted, disgusting and bloody. But hey! Some people really enjoy watching this stuff, so here’s the plot.

Puzzle 2014

Synopsis of Puzzle Japanese Movie

The wonderful Kaho plays Azusa, a troubled teenager that tries to commit suicide jumping from her school’s rooftop, unluckily for her, she survives. After that incident the Sunflower Boys (as I call them) take over the school and imprison a teacher that happens to be pregnant and make the director and some students disappear.

Now to the movie name, we have to take it literally. When everything starts happening, Shigeo (her classmate) gives Azusa an envelope with puzzle pieces. Those are the clues to solve this strange things and end the madness, but in the process the girl will see unimaginable stuff.

Now that I ended the synopsis I do wanna see it…even if I have to close my eyes 90% of the movie! Music is sick! =D Here’s the trailer!

Trailer of Puzzle Japanese Movie

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