Reset Korean Drama

It has been ages since we were able to see Chun Jung Myung in a drama, and after all this waiting, Reset will probably be one of those stories that will keep everyone attracted to it from beginning to end.

Not only because of its thrilling nature but because if you have seen any of Jung Myung’s dramas before you would know that he picks really specific roles and accomplishes them wonderfully.

There are many things that look appealing from this story, the crime scenery, the constant investigation plot, and also the main lead’s dark past that hunts him and his emotions.

Reset Korean Drama

Synopsis of Reset

Fifteen years ago, Cha Woo Jin lost his first love in a crime that hasn’t been solved. He became a prosecutor and is now devoted to solve violent murder cases.

In the meantime he will try to look for his girlfriend’s crime perpetrator and while doing it he meets a young high school student that becomes involved in it.

Chief Han and Cha Woo Jin will be the partners that will try to help Woo Jin to solve all the cases.

Starring Reset Korean Drama 2014

Chun Jung Myung (What’s Up Fox, Cinderella’s Sister, Glory Jane).
Kim So Hyun (The Suspicious Housekeeper, I Am The King, Ma Boy).
Park Won Sang (Unbowed, Golden Cross, The Sleepless).
Shin Eun Jung (Possessed, Endless Love, Bride of The Century).
Song Ha Yoon (Ghost, Strongest Chil Woo, The Informant).

It has been a while since we get a 10 episode drama. There has been some with 11 or 12, but this special format usually brings second and third seasons with it. Will we be lucky enough to get sequels if the drama is good?

It is a small but great cast that will get the best of this story. Hopefully we will enjoy a mysterious yet appealing drama. Here’s the trailer!

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