Mourning Grave 2014

Ah well, I have been teased before, when I watch a so called horror trailer I start to get somehow suspicious from it. Just because stars of the moment in a light horror story do not always get the best plots. Happened to me when I watched Steel Cold Winter (which I did not like not even a little bit) and Mourning Grave, gave me the same feeling. Maybe we’re lucky enough to add the recipe a spicy script, but I don’t know.

Maybe they are hiding things on purpose and that would be amazing, keep the best for when we actually watch it, but then, this movie won’t probably be among the urgent watching list or will it? Haha don’t you love mystery? (?)

Mourning Grave synopsis

This story revolves around the life of a young student that is able to see ghosts, for that reason he doesn’t have any friends and now he moves to a country side town where he meets a ghost girl that catches his attention. He had always run from them in the past, but she’s the first he actually wants to know. Why? Because she is pretty of course. I’m sorry a little too much irony here. I will stop.

When they try to solve her death case together, strange happenings start taking place at the school and students begin to mysteriously die.

Mourning Grave 2014

Starring in Mouring Grave 2014

It could be a great mystery movie or it could be a complete ‘Please do not talk about it ever again!‘ one, but there is actually nothing we can do but to watch it to be able to judge it. Release time is July and of course, here’s the trailer.

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